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What We Do


Executive Search & Recruitment
Practice Areas
Executive Assessment Services
  • ​Producers

  • Account Executives

  • Account Managers

  • ​Implementation Specialists

  • Marketing Specialists

  • Underwriters

  • Wellness Specialists

  • Claims Administrators

  • HR Professionals

Capital Recruiting partners with our clients. Instead of taking pride in a vast database or a long list of accounts, we have a select number of clients that we offer stellar service to. We visit all sites and meet up with all hiring managers. We get to know not only the skills required for the job, but the personality of the teams, the culture and what it takes for our placement to succeed.

We don't dissappear once the hiring process is over. We help with onbaording, training and if needed, career pathing. 

Capital Recruiting is looking to build upon its existing client base. If you are interested in partnering with a hands-on Recruiter who will help you build your team and your business, please call or email us today.

(415) 846 1497

Linked in and job boards are a good place to start but to really find the talent Capital Recruiting relies on referrals, recommendations and reputation. We hang out where the insurance professionals hang out online and in person. 

By the time a candidate is presented for a role, she/he has been thoroughly vetted. References completed, skills checked, personality assessed and professionalism tested. We attach a biography with every resume outlining why we believe the candidate is right for the role.

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